Monday, February 2, 2015

YAV Magazine is Back!

After a long hiatus of 10 months, Rebekah Frimpong is re-launching YAV (Young African Visionaries) Magazine!  Rebekah first came up with the concept for YAV Magazine in 2011 after a failed attempt to make a documentary film of the same name "Young African Visionaries" that would follow the stories of fascinating young Africans in various fields of work and across the globe. 

So in 2012, Rebekah turned her film idea into a magazine and successfully released five issues from 2012-2013.  In 2014, Rebekah gave birth to her first child; a boy and unfortunately had to battle cancer shortly after his birth.  Recovered and refreshed, Rebekah is looking for a new beginning with YAV Magazine and its revised mission to be opened up to a new Pan-African vision sharing the stories of not only young Africans but the stories of those that inspire them as well.

Visit YAV Magazine at